Official Adomoc Game Set (board & abstract universal pieces) — Fabric, Full Colour

This is the official Adomoc game set (Keigher design) on an eco canvas fabric. This is available for purchase through the site.

This is a great option to purchase if you want to:

  • play on the full colour, official game board
  • be able to roll up the board for easy transportation
  • play on a larger surface (36.5cm / 14.5″)
  • make a DIY version by mounting the fabric on your own surface (wood, cardboard, etc.)
  • buy the least expensive option available

This is the game board and the abstract universal version of official playing pieces.

When you purchase this board, you will receive a swatch of fabric with the board in the center. The board’s diameter is 36.5cm and the fabric measures 73.66cm x 45.72cm or 29″³ x 18″.

Although the fabric provides a perfectly playable surface with no additional work required, the edges of the fabric are not finished. You may thus like to cut them, sew edges, or mount the fabric to another surface.

Note: this board does not come with instructions. You may read the instructions for play here.