Adomoc Official Pro Pieces – Red Acrylic

These official Adomoc pro-edition playing pieces sit flat on the board and have sun, moon, and foot images on their surfaces. They’re made of durable, red acrylic.

These pieces will work with the official, standard Adomoc board as well as with some alternate Adomoc boards, such as the fabric boards in the Adomoc shop.

NOTE: this is half a set of playing pieces. To have a complete set, you must also purchase the black half.

These are stand-alone playing pieces (board is sold separately) and they’re suitable for use with the cardboard, laser-cut, or fabric Adomoc game boards. These pieces are too large to properly fit on the 3D-printed game board.

Note regarding production and shipping: each is item is made-to-order. That means from the time that you place your order to the time you receive it, could take between three to six weeks, depending on where you live.