About Adomoc International

This is the official headquarters of the growing Adomoc International (AI) society. Purchase game sets, get news, download information on making your own Adomoc board and playing pieces, learn about strategies and theory, and more.

Adomoc is a fun two-player, abstract strategy board game. Each player must shrewdly plan, collaborate, and compete with the other player to transcend the origin space at the board’s edge and reach the centre of the board.

Adomoc was conceived in 02001 and underwent close to ten years of play-testing, before being finalized.

The people behind Adomoc and AI as of 02012:

  • Joshua Chalifour: Game conception and evolution, prototype design, theory, direction, and Web site
  • Michael Keigher: Game evolution, official board art, official playing piece art, theory, play testing, and other essential art work
  • Ian Lanphier: Game evolution, play testing, and development
  • Marie-Eve Ullhorn-Legault: Translation of the rules into the official French-language version
  • Dejan Todorovic: Interpretation of the official board and playing pieces into three-dimensional formats. Three-dimensional design development of physical board and pieces for 3D printing and laser-cut production.
  • Many friends and family members who helped to play-test Adomoc over the years.

AI is headquartered in Montréal, QC, Canada. UTC/GMT -5 hours, Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Adomoc introduces new patterns of play and ways of strategic thinking. We hope playing Adomoc will engage the world as the ancient greats, Go and Chess have.