Artisan Game Crafters

If you would like to produce your own versions of Adomoc and sell them, we welcome you to do so. In fact, we hope people will be inspired to make Adomoc boards and playing pieces, so we’re providing some resources to make it easier for you.

We (Adomoc International) do not require that you pay us licencing fees or other remuneration provided you produce and sell your Adomoc games in accord with the Adomoc Artisan Licence (AAL).

In other words, if you’re a small, artisan game maker, under the AAL you can make and sell Adomoc games and you don’t need to pay us anything-you keep your profits. We love to see creative people offering others a chance to play Adomoc.

  1. Find out about (and download) the Adomoc Artisan Licence (AAL).
  2. Download official Adomoc image and design files here.
  3. Tell us about it, send us pictures, links, etc.

Interested in producing Adomoc games on a larger, mass commercial basis?

Let’s talk!