New, Low-cost Basic Adomoc Set

A new boxed version of Adomoc is now available for a low price! The new basic set has a brief one-page set of instructions rather than the full booklet and it does not come with a cloth bag to store the pieces. These differences from the

Now you can order a complete game in one box

An updated, complete version of Adomoc is now available for purchase, which includes the board, playing pieces, instructions, and box all as a single, inexpensive package. This version has new, cardboard playing pieces that stand upright for easy visibility. The game board is manufactured in a compatible size so

Pro-edition, acrylic playing pieces now available

Although you can get an complete Adomoc game with cardboard pieces, you might prefer the solidity, weight, and shiny appearance of the plastic playing pieces. These professional pieces are now available in red and black, which makes it easy for players to distinguish one breed from the other. The

Easier-to-understand Rules

After reviewing feedback many people that have played Adomoc (Mensa competition or otherwise), I see that some portions of the rules were written or organized in a confusing way. In response, I’ve updated the English instructions and les règles en Français so that they’re easier to understand. None of

Shipped a Bunch of Games to Mensa Mind Games 2013

Mensa is holding it’s annual Mind Games competition on April 19 – 21. This year, Adomoc will be one of the games that the organization’s members can play. The boxes filled with official Adomoc deluxe game sets is now en route. The association describes the event

Now available: 20cm Acrylic Adomoc Set

You can buy a smaller version of the acrylic Adomoc set in our shop. This latest version is just like the other regulation acrylic ones except at a smaller scale (20cm in diameter). It should be somewhat more portable and it’s less expensive. Also, soon you

Adomoc Launch!

It’s been over a decade of work. We’ve refined the game of Adomoc. We’ve searched and tried many ways to introduce it to the world and it turns out that’s it’s not easy to introduce a new board game.

We’re trying something a little different than you might expect from many board game producers. The game sets that you can buy right now are all produced individually, when you order them. They’re made via new laser-cutting and 3D-printing processes.