Adomoc Notation

Some players like to study the games they’ve played or that other people have played. Transcribing the moves of a game is not required to play but if you wish to review a game later, Adomoc notation is a simple way to record what transpired.

Standard Adomoc notation is an algebraic notation system, allowing anyone to read and interpret the moves and behaviours of a game. To write a move in Adomoc notation, string together the proper letters, numbers, and symbols to indicate the pieces, spaces, and behaviours involved.

Cycles progressively number up toward the centre (1, 2, 3, . . . 9), so that the ninth cycle is the very centre of the board.

Columns are labeled counter-clockwise A to J. A is the first column on the left of the light side of the board. J is the first column on the right of the dark side of the board.

The first character is always an uppercase letter indicating the type of piece. Primes should have a ^ (caret) symbol following their letter to indicate their status as a prime piece.

F = foot F^ = prime foot
M = moon M^ = prime moon
S = sun S^ = prime sun

The second two characters indicate the space on which the piece resides. This is composed by using the lowercase letter of the column, followed by the number of the intersecting cycle. For example, b1 indicates the origin space of a light sun whereas f3 is the origin space of a dark foot.

The fourth and fifth characters indicate the space the piece moved to.

A sixth character indicates a behaviour, if applicable. A lowercase “o” for originating and a lowercase “x” for consuming. Attraction does not need to be indicated because it is implied when it occurs.

If an origination occurs, two additional characters are required to indicate the space on which the piece was originated. There is no need to indicate the type of piece that was originated since the origin space implies that information.

The final, winning move of the game should end with a * (asterisk) symbol indicating the player has “centred” the game. If a player forfeits the game the move should end with a _ (underscore) symbol. If the game ends in a draw it should be represented by two – – (hyphen) symbols.

Each round of play should be numbered sequentially, beginning with the numeral one, with each player’s move separated by a space.

Here are some examples:

Adomoc Notation Explanation
Md2a5 A moon moved from d2 to a5.
F^a3a6x The prime foot moved from a3 to a6, which resulted in it consuming a foot.
Sh5d5ob2 The sun moved from h5 to d5, which resulted in it originating a light moon to b2.
6. Fb3j3 Mj4b6oc1 On the sixth turn, Player 1 moved the light foot from b3 to j3, Player 2 responded by moving the dark moon from j4 to b6, which resulted in originating a sun to c1.
82. F^i7i8 S^g7* On the 82nd turn, Player 1 moved a light prime foot from i7 to i8, Player 2 responded by moving his dark prime sun from g7 to the ninth cycle, winning the game.