Adomoc Launch!

It’s been over a decade of work. We’ve refined the game of Adomoc. We’ve searched and tried many ways to introduce it to the world and it turns out that’s it’s not easy to introduce a new board game.

Finally, with this Web site, I’m happy to say that anyone can find out about Adomoc, learn to play it, and get a game set to play.

We’re trying something a little different than you might expect from many board game producers. The game sets that you can buy right now are all produced individually, when you order them. They’re made via new laser-cutting and 3D-printing processes.

The goal of Adomoc International is to have a central place that people can not only discuss game strategy, offer their own versions of Adomoc sets for sale, discuss designs, and get information about Adomoc events, but also to eventually offer an online version of the game.

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